Kitchen Range offer a very wide choice of sinks and taps. We have so many to choose from, that there are just too many to add to our website. We have however added some examples of sinks and taps below. We have sinks of various materials and styles and colours. We have Stainless Steel sinks and Taps, Ceramic SInks, Sandstone Sinks and Composite sinks in a range of colours. Our selection of Taps is vast and covers all tastes and styles. Not all of our options are listed below, but our designers can show you our full range. Simply click the BOOK APPOINTMENT link below and arrange a visit to our showroom or you home. All of the Sinks below are available in single bow, bowl and a half and double bowl options.

Sink Selection

We have an extensive collection of Sinks. There are Sinks of Stainless Steel and Composite sinks. We have a wide selection of under counter and Ceramic Sinks. All of our Composite Sinks are available with matching colour Taps.

Taps Selection

Below are some examples of the various Taps available at Kitchen Range. There are Chrome and Brushed Steel Taps and there are Composite and Copper Taps available to match our Composite Sinks.

Boiler Taps

At Kitchen Range we supply water boiling Taps. These Taps are very popular and can save on water heating costs and reduce the use of a kettle. The water boiling Taps are great for heating enough water for a cup of coffee instantly. 

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